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Shapedown BC [卑詩省塑身健體計劃]

Shapedown BC is a program that helps children, adolescents, and their families achieve a healhtier lifestlye. There are no diets involved in the program. Shapedown BC builds on the strength of the family. It supports families in creating healthy eating and an active lifestyle. 

(Program now available in Chinese中文)

[卑詩省塑身健體計劃] 透過健康生活,幫助兒童、青少年和其家人達致健康的體重這計劃從二零零六年起已卑詩省兒童醫院舉行。此計劃將於列治文用廣東話和普通話舉行。

Children and teens improve self-esteem and peer relationships and adopt healthier habits. Parents feel better about their parenting and about their child. The whole family becomes healthier and closer. The results go far beyond weight.

Shapedown BC 是由醫生、營養師、心理專家和運動專家負責。他們幫助參加的家庭,在飲食、活動、教養子女技巧和自尊感方面,作出積極改變。


What will Shapedown BC do for the family?

The power in Shapedown BC comes from its sensitive, entertaining and practical use of family therapy along with exercise, nutrition and behavioral techniques.

Shapedown BC helps families target changes in nutrition and activity. It focuses on the underlying factors that contribute to a child's or teen's unhealthy lifestyle.

Children and Teens - Shapedown BC will help create a healthier lifestyle. Food becomes less important, activity more excitign and your weight begins to normalize. You will learn to express your feelings and needs, accept more responsibility for diet and activity. You feel safer and happier.

Parents - Shapedown BC will help you to learn communication techniques to resolve conflicts and make positive changes to your family's lifetlye. You will improve your nurturing ability and sharpen your limit-setting skills to guide your child towards a healthier lifestyle.

How does Shapedown BC work?

Step 1. Physician referral is required          (referral form for the Chinese speaking program)
Step 2. Children /teens and their families who are eligible, are booked for 2 appointments with the Shapedown BC team. The frist is a 4 hour comprehensice medical, psycho-social and lifestyle assessment. The second appoinitment is a 1 hour feedback session to review the results of the assessment and establish readiness and caacity to attend the program.
Step 3. The child/teen enters that next age appropriate group program.

What Happend During the Group Sessions?

The intervention is 10 weeks* long, two sessions per week:
1. One 2 hour evening session with a 30 minute activity session for the children with a certified fitness instructor.
2. One hour Family Fun Activity session at the YMCA or Rec.Center in your area.
* the teen groups have an additional 2 sessions, for teens only, to address emotional issures around eating.


1. Shapedown團隊會提供全面評估跟進/策劃護理

2. 為期個星期的小組活動*,每星期有次聚會:
· 一次晚間聚會,為時小時,其中三十分鐘為兒童/青少年的活動時間
· 周末有一個一小時的家庭活動同樂日

Who is eligible to attend the program?

  1. Children/adolescents between 6-17 years of age.
  2. Children/adolescents with a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than 97%. Children/adolescents with a BMI between 85% and 97% will be considered if certain medical conditions are present.
  3. Both parents and children/adolescents must be prepared to make changes and attend on a regular basis. 


1. 您需要醫生的轉介
2. 您子女在6-17歲之間

3. 您子女正處於不健康的體重

{體重指數/BMI >85%}

4. 父母與子女必須一同參與這計劃

**To be considered for our services, please ask your physician to send us a referral form.

(referral form for the Chinese speaking program)

More information

To learn more about the program, download the brochure (PDF 835 KB), or contact us.
(Program now available in Chinese - 中文)


Updated: July 21, 2014