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Participate in a Research Study

Research is an important part of the work we do at BC Children's Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children and BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre.

You can be a part of it by participating in one of the research studies currently happening at any of these facilities.

Current research studies:

  • The Role of Coarse Stereopsis in Typical and Atypical Visual Develpment: The Ophthalmology Research Lab at BC Children's Hospital is recruiting children between 4 to 12 years old who have been diagnosed with amblyopia (lazy eye) or strabismus (eye turn) to learn more about 3D vision in these developmental eye problems. For more information, contact Christine or Kim at 604-875-2345 ext. 7835 or by email at opthalrl@cw.bc.ca. You can also visit giaschilab.ca/recruit.html.

  • Strengthening Parent-Teen Relationships to Reduce Risk and Enhance Healthy Development is recruiting parents and caregivers of girls or boys 8 to 17 years old with mild to severe behaviour problems. Researchers are evaluating a new program that focuses on improving parent-teen relationships as a way to reduce problem behaviour in youth. For more information, contact Dr. Roseann Larstone at 778-782-4956 or youth_project@sfu.ca. You can also visit www.adolescenthealth.ca or view the poster.

  • The Maternal and Child Health Study (aka Imaging Study) is recruiting healthy pregnant women and pregnant women experiencing depression (treated or not treated) to study fetal health during pregnancy and infant health in the first few months after birth. For more information, please contact Ursula at 604-875-2392 or fetalstudy2@gmail.com.

  • Help Prevent Drug Reactions in Children: The Canadian Pharmacogenomics Network for Drug Safety (CPNDS) is conducting a national study to determine the genetic link that explains why some children suffer adverse drug reactions, while others do not. View the CPNDS study poster. For more information, please contact Claudette Hildebrand at 604-875-2000 ext. 5410 or childebrand@popi.ubc.ca.

  • The Genetic Disorders of Body Weight study is recruiting individuals who have severe, early-onset obesity prior to the age of 10 years along with intellectual disability, fat in unusual places on the body, compulsive overeating and/or birth defects. We would like to do detailed medical assessments, including new hormone studies and fat imaging. For more information, contact Marion Thomas at 604-875-2000 ext. 4927 or mthomas@cw.bc.ca. View the Genetic Disorders of Body Weight study poster.

More opportunities to participate in a research study can be found on the following websites:

Updated on: 10/01/09