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Clinical Psychology Residency/Internship

BC Children’s Hospital offers a Clinical Psychology Internships focusing on pediatric and health care psychology. The location of these internships is Vancouver, BC.

Psychologists in health care settings face exciting challenges and demands. They carry out a full range of sophisticated diagnostic activities and provide therapeutic intervention for a variety of psychological and emotional needs. They develop and implement management strategies for patients with a wide range of behavioural symptom-management problems. They are in a position to educate and collaborate with other professionals in the hospital and in the community. In other words, the health care psychologist is a trained professional working in a complex interdisciplinary health care setting.

In the internship, you will receive training in the psychological assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of children and youth with a wide range of acute and chronic medical and mental health conditions. This includes dealing with problems such as coping with pain and loss, adjusting to physical or mental disability and/or handicap, dealing with the stress of illness and injury, and understanding how medical conditions affect family dynamics.
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Please note: The application deadline is November 15