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Pain Service
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Acute Pain Service protocols

The following materials are available on request from the BCCH Pain Service: IPS@phsa.ca

  • Children’s Hospital Sedation/Analgesia Guidelines
  • APS Physician’s Orders
  • pain management-related Nursing Policies & Procedures

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Complex Pain Service links


Practice Guidelines for professionals 

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Other useful Internet links for professionals

Pain Societies and Associations

Other Pain Sites 

Website Resources for Pain Management 

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Publications available for purchase through the C&W Bookstore 
  • A child in pain: How to help, what to do. Kuttner, Leora (1996). 
  • A child in pain: What health professionals can do to help. Kuttner, Leora (2010).
  • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) explained: For teenagers, by teenagers. Lauder, Gillian R., Massey, Roslyn (2010).
  • Pain in children and adults with developmental disabilities. Oberlander, Tim F., Symons, Frank J. (Eds) (2006).
Other recommended publications 
  • Pain in neonates and infants, 3rd edition. Anand, K.J.S. et al (Eds), 2007. 
  • Bringing pain relief to children. Finley et al (Eds), 2006.
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Updated: January 31, 2011