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Children 2-5 Years

The following tip sheets provide parents, families, and caregivers with information on how to promote healthy weights in children 2- to 5-years-old, including active play, healthy eating, and a healthy relationship with food.

These tip sheets are available in English, Chinese, French, Punjabi, and Spanish.

The documents are in PDF format which requires Adobe Reader. If you don't have it, you can get it here for free.

Promoting Healthy Weights
Answer these questions to find out if you are doing everything that you can to promote a healthy weight for your child.

Active Play
Children need active play every day to be healthy. Active play is any activity where your child is moving.

Healthy Eating
Healthy eating and good nutrition help children grow and be strong. This is true for all children at any weight.

A Healthy Relationship with Food
Developing a healthy relationship with food is just as important as eating healthy food to support healthy growth and development.

Created: June 22, 2009