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Diabetes handouts for patients and families

The following documents are available in Adobe® PDF (portable document format). This requires the use of the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader plug-in, which can be downloaded free of charge.

See also our list of booklets that can be downloaded or purchased through the C&W Bookstore. General diabetes information (top)

Especially for parents and caregivers (top)

Insulin information (top)

Food & nutrition information (top)

School information (top)

Teen & youth information (top)

Insulin pump information (top)

Basal–bolus insulin information (top)

Type 2 diabetes information (top)

Disclaimer: The following information, i.e. guideline/educational material/policy or procedure, has been developed for use only within British Columbia's Children's Hospital (BC Children’s). There are support systems at BC Children’s that may not exist in other clinical settings and therefore any adoption of these materials cannot be the responsibility of BC Children’s. Agencies other than BC Children’s should use this information as a guideline for reference purposes only. All materials are the property of BC Children’s and may only be reprinted in whole or in part with our expressed permission.

Page Last Updated: 11 February 2015