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Visual Impairment

Who Do We See?

Your child may be referred to our team if he or she has a known or suspected visual impairment

What Do We Do?

  • help you understand your child’s vision loss and how that may affect your child’s learning and development needs
  • provide assessments to identify ways to assist your child to develop to his or her full potential
  • work with you and your community team members to develop a plan to support your child’s development
  • help provide resources, consultation, and information that will guide you as your child grows
Who Are We?
Our team includes a developmental pediatrician, a psychologist, a speech-language pathologist, a nurse clinician, an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist, a recreation therapist, a social worker, an audiologists and vision consultants. We also work closely with ophthalmologists

Contact: Dr. Roberta Heaven, Team Leader, Visual Impairment

For more information, contact the Team Leader through the Sunny Hill switchboard at 604-453-8300.

Updated September 26, 2014