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Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children


Front entrance of Sunny Hill

Welcome to Sunny Hill!

About Us

We believe that children should grow to achieve their own, unique potential. Sunny Hill works with families and communities as partners to better understand every child’s needs, and to develop tailored recommendations and services. Working together, we are able to support the community and help to deliver a better future to children and families.

We use a family-centred approach to service. That means the family is an important member of the team. You know your child better than anyone, and we want your help as we create the best service plan for your child. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns as we work with your child.

The Children

Children who come to Sunny Hill range in age from birth to 19 years and often have complex medical, physical and developmental needs. Some of the children have conditions affecting physical, motor or sensory development or have acquired brain injury, prenatal exposure to alcohol or other drugs, cerebral palsy, or autism. The unique nature and complexity of their needs may make it difficult to find all the support they need at home or in their community.

Many children come to Sunny Hill for outpatient assessment and services. Many more in British Columbia are helped through our ongoing Outreach Program. We also use Telehealth, or videoconferencing to connect our health professionals with children and families in remote communites. A few join us for inpatient stays here at Sunny Hill. With each child we focus on promoting his or her healthy development.

Their Families

Just as children are unique, so are their families. We take each family’s needs into account when helping their children. Together, we find family-centered solutions to enable each child to succeed.

Their Communities

Every community has its own strengths to consider when planning the healthy growth of its children. We complement and support community services that have the primary responsibility for providing assessments, planning care, and implementing treatment programs. When children’s needs cannot be met by these primary services in a community, we are brought in through a referral.

Pediatricians or consulting specialists refer children to us in writing. We work with the children’s families and community service providers to decide the appropriate role for Sunny Hill staff and services.

Education and Research

Sunny Hill is associated with the University of British Columbia and other colleges and universities across Canada. This connection helps us take a leadership role in educating the academic community about child development and rehabilitation. We evaluate and promote innovative service delivery.

We teach undergraduate to post-graduate students from the UBC Faculty of Medicine and provincial colleges. We educate children, their families and their community professionals. We provide continuing education by creating instructional materials and delivering them through workshops, conferences, seminars and through advanced media such as video and telephone conferences. We provide information on the internet at BC Children's Hospital.

We are constantly learning by conducting research with our provincial, national and international partners. Our research betters the lives of children by improving our understanding of how to help children with disabilities develop healthy lives.

Updated March 10, 2011