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Nurse to know: Nicole Sacco

Meet Nicole Sacco, Registered Nurse, Emergency Department at BC Children's Hospital. As the Year of the Nurse and Midwife comes to an end, we want to share her story.
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​In addition to providing direct patient care in the Emergency Department at BC Children's Hospital, Nicole is featured in PHSA's COVID-19 videos for nasopharyngeal swabs and gargle collection method. You can see her in these videos on the PHSA YouTube channel.

How are you a 'voice to lead' and/or how do you 'nurse the world to health' in your role?

I am a ‘voice to lead' by always wanting to learn from others and having an open and ongoing rapport with my amazing colleagues! I consider myself lucky to work in the BCCH ED and have so much respect for my colleagues and the children and caregivers I have worked with. I value communicating with others to achieve the best result and to constantly work toward improving myself professionally and interpersonally.  Contributing to the open and accepting environment I work in is the goal.

What is your hope for nursing or nurse in the future? 

My hope is that nurses continue to empower each other. Combining our unique  experiences and expertise makes for a safe workplace and optimal patient care.

What is your passion in nursing? 

My passion in nursing is communication. Patient education, every step of the way, is important to ensure that patients and caregivers have a collaborative and comprehensive care plan. Interprofessional communication is also important to ensure an ongoing open dialogue with the common goal of the patient receiving beneficial care.

What makes you proud to be a nurse?

I am proud to be a nurse because I can provide comfort and interventions to patients in need. It is often in a difficult time that patients and caregivers come to the hospital. I am understanding of this and pride myself on being receptive to what patients and caregivers need in this challenging time.

What or who inspired you to enter nursing? 

Previously, I worked in the media and had a tour of BCCH. I was so impressed by all that happened in the hospital that I started to take math 11 and biology 12 in adult education as I continued to work in the media. This continued through prerequisites for nursing and I eventually realized my goal of graduating from nursing school and my dream of working at BCCH!

What advice would you give someone just starting out in nursing? 

I would say to be patient, with yourself and others. It is important to develop solid skills and remain open minded with others. These are the building blocks of collegial respect and effective patient care.

How do you deliver excellent nursing care?

I deliver excellent nursing care by staying current, putting my best effort forward and learning from the past. I enjoy learning new things and make an effort to inquire about health matters that are current and of particular interest to myself. I always put my best efforts forward in communication, collaboration and time management for the best of the team and patients. I also reflect on the past and think about how I can use my experiences to provide the best nursing care.

What do you enjoy most about your role as a nurse?

I enjoy the relationships I have built with my colleagues, the collaborative care I have established with patients and caregivers and having the opportunity for ongoing professional development. I consider myself fortunate to be in a career where I have the ability to continuously learn and remain updated on current practices for the benefit of patients and my colleagues. I also am grateful for the opportunities I have had to branch out with participating in the production of informative videos and research.

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