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Endocrinology & Diabetes

We have an active program for both basic science research and clinical research.

Publications from our staff

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The Endocrinology & Diabetes Unit participates in a number of research studies at the basic science, clinical and applied levels. Our publication list attests to the breadth of our active research interests. As well, we continue to develop and update educational materials for our patients. Funding for these efforts is derived from governmental and institutional grants, from industry support, and from private donations. These funds can be directed to the project area of the donor's choice.

Endocrine Educational Materials

Our unit has developed a number of booklets and handouts for our patients with endocrine conditions. Many of these resources are used extensively across North America.

Diabetes Educational Materials

Our unit has developed a number of booklets and handouts for our patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Many of these resources are used extensively across North America. Two recent projects are entitled Insulin Dose Adjustment: An Online Education Program for Parents of Children with Diabetes and Taking Care of Diabetes at School.

Diabetes Basic-Science & Clinical Research

Members of our unit work in close collaboration with scientists from the BC Children's Hospital Research Institute. Our areas of focus include: genetics of type 1 diabetes; islet cell biology and transplantation; viral pathogenesis of diabetes; immunology of type 1 diabetes; and clinical diabetes research.

Obesity Basic-Science & Clinical Research

The Chanoine–Alimenti Endowment for Childhood Obesity was established to develop and enhance new research and clinical programs aimed at the prevention and treatment of childhood and adolescent obesity.

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