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Cardiology: Children's Heart Centre

The Children’s Heart Centre cardiology clinic provides complete care for children and adolescents living with all kinds of congenital and acquired heart disease.
Our program

Our multi-disciplinary team provides excellent health care ranging from prenatal diagnosis to early adulthood care.

The clinic provides diagnostic services and comprehensive treatment and care options, including:

  • dysautonomia program
  • heart function program
  • heart transplant program
  • interventional cardiac catheterisation program
  • inherited arrhythmia program
  • neurodevelopmental follow-up for patients with congenital heart disease
  • pulmonary hypertension program
  • screening for congenital heart disease
  • surgical services

The Children’s Heart Centre is a training hub where health professionals build expertise in cardiac care. Trainees further enhance the quality of care provided, and research conducted here helps improve patient health outcomes.

Cardiac services

Your connection with our cardiac team begins with an individual consultation with a Heart Centre physician or nurse clinician.

This includes detailed discussion of:

  • your child’s heart condition
  • planned diagnostic tests and procedures, including printed literature
  • prescribed medications, including administration, side effects and monitoring requirements
  • when to seek additional medical attention for your child
  • how to optimize your child’s care, both before and after surgery

We provide complete support and aftercare, monitoring patients through the years as they grow, develop and thrive.

Our commitment to family-centred care means that we educate and support parents to safeguard their child’s health.

We empower parents with:

  • Help with infants and children who have difficulty feeding or gaining weight due to some forms of congenital heart disease. Dieticians, nurses, occupational therapists and lactation consultants are available for individual consultation and support.
  • Opportunities for connections through the Children’s Heart Network for parent-to-parent support.
  • Information about upcoming conferences, youth events and family support services.
  • Overview of medications or immunizations to decrease the risk of infectious diseases.
  • Supporting children to meet their developmental milestones – your cardiac team is available to discuss concerns and refer families to appropriate hospital and community support services.

In addition, we recommend the Western Canadian Children’s Heart Network and Children’s Heart Network as resources for parents.

The Heart Centre provides specialized support for youth aged 12 and up, including individual consultations to review diagnoses and management plans.

We empower teens with:

  • Hearts of Gold, a congenital heart disease support group, in collaboration with Children’s Heart Network.
  • ON TRAC, a team of care providers who help youth graduate from the pediatric health care system and transition to adult medical care.
  • Opportunity to participate in the biannual Growing up with Heart Disease conference, covering subjects including transitioning to adult care, sexual health, and medical and surgical advances in the treatment and management of congenital heart defects.
  • Two-day youth camp, organized through Hearts of Gold at Camp Summit, Squamish, BC.

BC Children’s Hospital Youth Program offers services ranging from wellness information to transition support.

We also recommend these written resources:

In your community

BC Children’s Hospital

Our clinic is located in the main hospital building, just past The Entrance Cafe (near Entrance 11). See the Community Map (PDF).

Surrey Memorial Hospital

Every week we conduct pediatric cardiology clinics at Surrey Memorial Hospital, 13750 - 96th Avenue, Surrey, BC. (Interactive map.)

Community clinics

We also provide community clinics at several BC locations through our Provincial Partnerships program.

Your visit

The Children’s Heart Centre clinic completes assessments and routine testing.


The cardiac team will review your child's medical history, discuss your concerns and complete a full physical assessment which may include:
  • assessing the pulses in your child's hands and feet
  • determining oxygen saturation with a sensor that wraps around a finger or toe
  • listening to the chest with a stethoscope
  • measuring height and weight

What to bring

Please bring the following to your appointment:
  • appointment itinerary information (doctor's name, department, appointment time and location)
  • BC Services Card (Care Card)
  • information about current medications and dosages, including herbal supplements and vitamin supplements
  • toys, books, games, music, snacks, drinks and diapers to help your children pass the time
Your visit will last two to three hours to allow us to provide a complete assessment. Younger siblings may find this tiring. Alternative babysitting arrangements may make your visit more comfortable, or consider attending with another guardian.

If you need to cancel

Please tell us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend – at least 48 hours ahead, if you can, so that your appointment time can be used by another patient.

If your child has an infection

Please let us know if your child has been in contact with any infectious diseases (such as chickenpox or measles) during the three weeks before your appointment. We might need to reschedule.

If you need an interpreter 

Please let us know, as early as possible, if an interpreter would be helpful.


Patients may be required to complete a series of tests based upon the nature of their clinical visit.

Diagnostic procedures take anywhere from 15-60 minutes. 

An electrocardiogram (ECG) checks the heart’s electrical activity, including heart rate (beats per minute) and heart rhythm (synchronized pumping). An ECG shows this electrical activity as line tracings on paper, called waves.

This procedure only takes a few minutes and consists of placing "stickers" on your child's arms, chest and legs. 

This test does not cause any pain for your child.
An echocardiogram (echo test) is a type of ultrasound in which high-pitched sound waves are used to create moving pictures of your child’s heart on a monitor screen.

This procedure can take up to 60 minutes and requires your child to lie down and remain still while the technician operates the scan. You may bring in items (music, smartphone or tablet) to help keep your child still for as long as possible. 

Some children (usually those who are less than three years old) may require a mild sedative. Parents are informed in advance if this will be the case. To make the sedative more effective, we ask that children fast prior to the procedure: five hours from solids, four hours from formula, three hours from breast milk and two hours from clear fluids.

This test does not cause any pain for your child.
An exercise electrocardiogram (ECG) checks for changes in your child’s heart rate and rhythm while they exercise.

A resting ECG is completed before the exercise ECG. This indicates that it’s safe to commence exercise testing.

This procedure takes around 30 minutes and your child will be asked to walk, speed walk and jog on a treadmill while being closely monitored. 

You will be informed ahead of time if a stress test is needed. Your child should wear appropriate clothes for physical activity and running shoes. Please ensure your child has had breakfast or lunch at least one hour prior to the test.

This test does not cause any pain for your child.
Pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICD) require routine check-ups to ensure they are operating at maximum efficiency and to confirm battery life.

Also, cardiac devices will keep a record of your child’s heart rate and heart rhythm, which can let staff know about their health and whether treatment changes are required. 

This procedure takes 20 minutes and consists of placing four 'stickers' and a magnet over the skin of the pacemaker site.

This test does not cause any pain for your child.

Our team
Our dedicated and highly experienced health professionals create a safe, compassionate and healing environment.

The Children’s Heart Centre clinic is led by North American experts in children’s cardiology, overseeing excellence in treatment and research. 

Together, we will meet your child’s medical needs and keep you informed all the way along.

Dr. Shubhayan Sanatani
Division Head/Medical Director of the Heart Center

Doris Chang
Quality Analyst

Jennifer Chuon
Clinical Secretary (Dr. Armstrong/Dr. Moodley)

Andre Carvalho photo.jpg
Andre Carvalho
UBC Academic Coordinator

Dania Kallas photo.jpg
Dania Kallas
Clinical Electrophysiology Research Coordinator

Ashley Deo
Clinical Receptionist

Vanisha Lal photo.jpg
Vanisha Lal
Registration Booking Secretary

Anna Cheng photo.jpg
Anna Cheng

Clinical Secretary (Dr. Armstrong/Dr. Moodley)

Olivia Merritt photo.jpg
Olivia Merritt
Clinical Secretary (Dr. Sanatani/Dr. Saravu) 

Skazlic Stephanie Photo.jpg
Administrative Lead & Clinical Secretary (Dr. Harris/Dr. Rathgeber)

Ivy Tsz
Booking Secretary (Dr. Kakadekar/Dr. Saravu/ Dr. Sanatani)

Lana Woo
Clinical Secretary (Dr. Kakadekar/Dr. Hosking)

Irene Morin photo.jpg
Irene Morin
Booking Secretary (Dr. Harris/Dr. Rathgeber/Dr. Hosking/
Dr. Sinclair)

Gurleen Samra photo.jpg
Gurleen Samra
Booking Secretary (Dr. Armstrong/Dr. Moodley)

Divya Divya photo.jpg
Divya Divya

June Albrecht
Administrative Support

Anita Rai photo.jpg
Anita Rai
CPAC Administrative Assistant


Farisha Khan 
Partnership Program Secretary

Daisy Chen photo.jpg
Daisy Chen
Partnership Booking Secretary

Chahat Vaid photo.jpg
Chahat Vaid
Partnership Booking Secretary 


Gabriel Goilav
Cardiology Technologist

Jamie Leung
Cardiology Technologist

Jaskirn Jugpal
Cardiology Technologist

Megan Low 
Cardiology Technologist

Livia Virgolici
Cardiology Technologist

 Rosanna Choi
Cardiology Technologist

Samantha Wong
Cardiology Technologist

Sarah Naji photo.jpg
Sarah Naji 
Cardiology Technologist

Vivian Tsui 
Cardiology Technologist


Ramandeep Gill

Anna Harris

Shona Hennessey
Diagnostic Cardiology Supervisor

Sherry Hua photo.jpg
Sherry Hua

Lindsey Williams

Yao Guan photo.jpg
Yao Guan

Elissa Omiecki

Laura Bichou photo.jpg
Laura Bicho


Amy Hart
EP & Pacemaker Technologist

Jordanne Toews 
EP & Pacemaker Technologist Trainee


Astrid De Souza
Clinical Exercise Physiologist 

Barb Morrison.jpg
Barb Morrison
Clinical Exercise Physiologist


Alma Piapa Cruz photo.jpg
Alma Piapa Cruz

Pat Eastman photo.jpg
Patricia Eastman
Nurse Clinician

Anna Murray
Nurse Clinician

Leslie Raffin
Nurse Clinician

Mandy Johnson photo.jpg
Mandy Johnson
Nurse Clinician

Jessica Merkley photo.jpg
Jess Merkley
Nurse Clinician

Joanna Torstveit photo.jpg
Joanna Torstveit
Nurse Clinician

Lea Legge photo.jpg
Lea Legge
Nurse Clinician


Erin Bleker photo.jpg
Erin Bleker
Nurse Clinician, Surgical Nurse Coordinator

Emily Tai photo.jpg
Emily Tai
CPAC Nurse Practitioner


Connie Enns
Nurse Clinician, Partnership Clinics

Daina Pedwell photo.jpg
Daina Pedwell
Nurse Clinician, Partnership Clinics


Jennifer Gilbertson
Program Manager 

Clinical Nurse Co-ordinator


Katey Armstrong.jpg
Dr. Kathryn Armstrong
Pediatric Cardiologist, Heart Function & Transplant

Kevin Harris photo.jpg
Dr. Kevin Harris
Pediatric Cardiologist, Research Director

Martin Hosking photo.jpg
Dr. Martin Hosking
Pediatric Cardiologist

Ashok Kakadekar photo.jpg
Dr. Ashok Kakadekar
Pediatric Cardiologist

Shreya Moodley photo.jpg
Dr. Shreya Moodley
Pediatric Cardiologist 

Steven Rathgeber photo.jpg
Dr. Steven Rathgeber
Pediatric Cardiologist

Saketh Saravu photo.jpg
Dr. Saketh Saravu
Pediatric Cardiologist


abrar hossain photo.jpg  
Dr. Abrar Hossain

Giulia Puia photo.jpg
Dr. Giulia Pula

Wisam Abozaid photo.jpg
Dr. Wisam Abozaid

Zadock Obare photo.jpg
Dr. Zadock Obare


Winnie Chung photo.jpg

Dr. Winnie Chung

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