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Planning Your Visit

Whether you're coming from far away or nearby, planning your trip to the hospital will help ensure a smooth trip.

​Major renovations are underway on our site. Visit the BC Children's and BC Women's Redevelopment Project’s website before your next visit for the latest construction information.

Travel assistance
These programs offer transportation support for families travelling from out-of-town to their medical appointments and for hospital stays.

  • Health Connections - Each health authority has a unique travel assistance program for residents of their region who need to travel within the province for out of town for medical care.
  • Hope Air -Arranges free flights to get financially-disadvantaged Canadians to the healthcare they need.
  •  TAP - Travel Assistance Program - Helps alleviate some of the transportation costs for eligible BC residents who must travel within the province for out-of-town for medical care.  Ask your family doctor or your medical team for a form.
  • Other Travel Help -The TAP has partnered with a number of different transportation companies who provide reduced rates for travel to and from medical appointments. Look for the list of "transportation partners".

BC Family Residence Program

Families from outside Metro Vancouver with a child who requires care at BC Children's Hospital may be eligible for travel and accommodation assistance during their child’s medical stay. To learn more, visit

What to bring

For all appointments, procedures or hospitalization, bring your child’s Care Card or your Care Card. 

If your child requires hospitalization or is required to stay at BC Children’s it would greatly assist his/her care if you bring any specialized equipment, medication and summary of past illness with you.

To help us care for your child and prevent disruption to your child’s routine, please bring any of the following that your child may need:

  • medical equipment used by your child
  • current, labeled medications
  • specialized formula your child is taking
  • any tubes or devices needed to care for your child
  • summary of illness if available

Requirements & resources by appointment type

What to bring

  • Appointment information (i.e. doctor’s name, department name and location)
  • Name, address and telephone number of your referring doctor
  • Name, address and telephone number of your family doctor (if different from above)
  • BC CareCard
  • Blue hospital ID card (if your child has one from a previous visit)
  • Immunization records
  • List of medications your child takes
  • Medical or personal records, such as x-rays or lab tests. If you are unsure about what to bring, please call the clinic office.
  • Another adult to assist you, especially if you need to bring other children
  • Books, games, snacks, diapers, a change of baby clothes or other necessities to keep your child occupied while waiting

Please do not bring food if your child is fasting for a test.

Preparing your child for a hospital visit

Bring a familiar object such as a toy, blanket or pacifier to help comfort your baby. Come prepared with a bottle or food (unless your child is fasting).
Younger children do better with a shorter preparation time. Find out as much as you can about the procedure. If you know what to expect, you will be able to better help your child. Use short words and phrases to tell your child about the visit.
Answer questions that your preschooler has truthfully, using words that your child can understand. Tell your child the doctor’s name and encourage them to ask questions.
School-age children
Give your child honest and accurate information in advance of the appointment. Emphasize that an outpatient appointment is not the same as staying overnight in the hospital. Encourage your child to ask questions during the appointment.

If you would like advice on preparing your child for a hospital visit, please contact the Child Life Department.
The Family Resource Library contains several resources to help you prepare your child for a visit to the hospital.


The Medical Day Unit provides a safe, effective and family-centered environment for children and youth requiring medical treatments, diagnostic tests, procedures, assessments, education, and consultations. 

What to bring

  • BC CareCard
  • Blue hospital ID card (if your child has one from a previous visit)
  • Immunization records
  • List of any medications, and the amounts, that your child is taking
  • Notepaper and pen
  • Regular medications that your child needs to take during their stay
  • Parents of infants or children with formula requirements need to bring their own supply
  • Some children prefer their own pillows and blankets and a favourite cuddly toy

Parents must stay with their child in the Medical Day Unit. There is a selection of videos, some games and toys. If your stay is going to last several hours, we recommend bringing in your own favourite games, books or hobbies to help pass the time. Keep in mind the reason you are coming to Medical Day Unit (e.g. intravenous procedures, sedation, etc.) in making your choice of things to bring. For example, if your child needs to be calm and still during the procedure, bring calming books to read to them.
Snack foods such as juice, yogurts, popsicles, toast, cereals, and some canned products are available, as well as a kettle, toaster and microwave. If you are staying over a meal time or prefer your own snacks, please plan to bring or buy your own food.
A portable phone is available for your use, as cellular phones must be turned off while in the hospital.

For more information, please go to the Medical Day Unit

Your doctor will request a hospital bed for your child. In the case of an emergency, beds are mostly available within an hour or two. Other types of admission depend on their urgency and the availability of the services your child needs in the hospital.


A child cannot be treated in hospital unless a parent or legal guardian signs the admission forms. The staff needs medical and other information about your child at the time he or she is admitted. It is important that the person with the child knows his or her background.

What to bring

  • BC CareCard
  • Blue hospital ID card (if your child has one from a previous visit)
  • Immunization records
  • List of any medications, and the amounts, that your child is taking 
  • Braces, corrective shoes, crutches, glasses, hearing aid or other such appliances
Nice to have:
  •  Loose fitting comfortable clothes for everyday wear (as soon as they are able, children are up and dressed)
  • Pajamas, bathrobe, and slippers (the hospital can provide these if you prefer)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Comb and brush
  • A few favourite games, toys, books, hobby materials (play materials are available)
  • School books, current school work and the name of your child’s school and teacher (teachers in the hospital will help your child keep up with schoolwork)
  • Any toys or articles that are important to your child
Please label all of your own and your child’s items clearly. Do NOT bring to the hospital:
  • Valuables of any kind such as jewelry or large sums of money
  • Electrical appliances of any kind such as hairdryers, iPods, cell phones, radios or TV sets

Preparing your child for hospitalization


Your child's greatest concern at this age is being away from you. Staying with your child as much as possible during the hospital stay will make your child feel more secure. Younger children, especially those under age three, often think that going to the hospital is a punishment for misbehaviour. Emphasize that this is not the case. 

Encourage your child to express fears and concerns. Explain, in a way that the child can understand, why the hospital stay is necessary.

Children in this age group fear damage to their bodies. Be careful when explaining what will take place. Avoid phrases that may have different meanings to a child. For example, your child may associate being put to sleep (when you explain surgical anesthesia) with a pet and think that he or she will die. Instead, say, “The doctors will help you take a nap for a few hours,” or another appropriate phrase. When talking about surgery say, “make an opening,” instead of “cut.”
School-age children
Children older than six will worry about losing control as well as damage to their bodies. Your child may also worry about doing or saying embarrassing things while under anesthetic. 

Be open. Don't deny that there will be pain after an operation, if this is the case. Explain that although it will hurt for a while, he or she will be made to feel as comfortable as possible.

Teenagers are often reluctant to ask questions, leading you to believe they understand more than they actually do. Encourage your teenager to ask the doctors and nurses questions about his or her condition. Include your child in discussions about their care plan, to increase their sense of control.


Except in a few special areas, one parent may stay overnight with a child. We can usually provide a chair-bed. You should bring your own pillow and blanket from home (please label your belongings clearly). 

Finding your way around

 See our pamphlet called Where Can I Find? if you need help finding your way around.

Get Oriented

Youth might want to watch Get Oriented, a video created by youth for youth about preparing for a stay at BC Children's Hospital. 
Where to stay
These accommodation options are available for medical patients and their immediate families only (i.e. not for tourists or business 
people). The rates are often lower because of charity support. Space is limited so book as early as possible. 

At the bottom of the page, we also list hotels and guesthouses that offer medical rates to patients.

There are many hotels (H) and guest houses (GH) within approximately 10-15 minutes drive from the hospital. Be sure to ask for their medical rates!

Guest houses (GH) are private, furnished suites rented out on a nightly, weekly or monthly basis by the private owner of the home. Sometimes, they are like a bed & breakfast – ask the owner if any meals are included. Some require a 3-night minimum stay – ask the owner for more information.
This list is sorted by price range then by distance from the hospital (closest to the hospital is first and the farthest is last).

Price Ranges:    $0-$90        $91-$120        $121-$150        $151 or more

$0-$90 Price Range

(GH) Accommodations by Pillow Suites        3km    »map«
2859 Manitoba Street, Vancouver, Tel: 604-879-8977

(GH) Asheya's Place        3km    »map«
555 W. 49th Ave, Vancouver, Tel: 604-614-4418

(H) Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel        4km    »map«
395 Kingsway, Vancouver, Tel: 604-872-5252 or 1-800-663-5713

(H) Accent Inns – Vancouver Airport        8km    »map«
10551 St. Edwards Drive, Richmond, Tel: 604-273-3311 or 1-800-663-0298

(H) Executive Airport Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre        10km    »map«
7311 Westminster Highway, Richmond, Tel: 604-278-5555    Use corporate ID# G/1271 for great rates or go here.

$91-$120 Price Range

(GH) Garden Cottage Coach House         2km    »map«
115 W21st Avenue, Vancouver,  Tel: 604-876-7612

(H) Park Inn & Suites on Broadway        2km    »map«
898 West Broadway, Vancouver, Tel: 604-872-8661 or 1-800-663-5403

(GH) Short Stay Suites        2km    
225 West King Edward Avenue, Vancouver, Email:


(GH) Douglas & Windsor Guest Houses        3km    »map«
456 West 13th Avenue, Vancouver, Tel: 604-872-3060 or 1-888-872-3060

(GH) Manor Guest House        3km    
345 West 13th Avenue, Vancouver, Tel: 604-876-8494

(H) Coast Hotel Vancouver Airport        5km    »map«
1041 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver, Tel: 604-263-1555 or 1-800-663-1144

(GH) Garden Suite        5km    »map«
1017 East 10th Avenue, Vancouver, Tel: 604-221-2206

(H) Sunset Inn & Suites        6km    »map«
1111 Burnaby Street, Vancouver, Tel: 604-688-2474 or 1-800-786-1997

(H) Super 8 Vancouver Airport Inn Hotel        7km    »map«
725 SE Marine Drive, Vancouver, Tel: 604-321-6611 or 1-800-424-6423

(H) Travelodge Hotel Vancouver Airport        7km    »map«
3071 Saint Edwards Drive, Richmond, Tel: 604-278-5155

(H) Best Western Abercorn Inn        8km    »map«
9260 Bridgeport Road, Richmond, Tel: 604-270-7576

(H) Days Inn Vancouver Airport        8km    »map«
2840 Sexsmith Road, Richmond, Tel: 604-207-8000

(H) Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Airport        8km    
9351 Bridgeport Road, Richmond, Tel: 1-877-273-8080

(H) Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport        8km    »map«
10720 Cambie Road, Richmond, Tel: 1-888-831-3388

$121-$150 Price Range

(GH) Granville House Bed and Breakfast        2km    »map«
5050 Granville Street, Vancouver, Tel: 604-307-2300 or 604-733-2963

(GH) Suite in the Heart of Vancouver        2km    »map«
1403 West 37th Avenue, Vancouver, Tel: 604-266-9511

(H) Best Western Plus – Chateau Granville        5km    »map«
1100 Granville Street, Vancouver, Tel: 1-800-663-0575

(H) Sandman Hotel Vancouver City Centre        5km    »map«
180 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, Tel: 604-681-2211

(H) Sandman Suites on Davie        6km    »map«
1160 Davie Street, Vancouver, Tel: 604-681-7263

(H) Rosellen Suites at Stanley Park        7km    »map«
2030 Barclay Street, Vancouver, Tel: 604-689-4807 or 1-888-317-6648

(H) Sandman Hotel Vancouver Airport        7km    »map«
3233 Saint Edwards Drive, Richmond, Tel: 604- 303-8888

(H) Hampton Inn by Hilton Vancouver Airport        8km    »map«
8811 Bridgeport Road, Richmond, Tel: 604-232-5505

(H) Quality Hotel Vancouver Airport        9km    »map«
3031 Number 3 Road, Richmond, Tel: 604-278-5161

$151 or more Price Range

(GH)  Blue Oak Coach House        1km    »map«
949 W33rd Avenue, Vancouver,  Tel: 604-876-7612

(GH) Laneway House        1km    »map«
772 W. 27th Avenue, Vancouver, Tel: 604 763 6250

(H) Holiday Inn Vancouver Centre        3km    
711 West Broadway, Vancouver, Tel: 604-879-0511 or 1-800-465-4329

(H) Century Plaza Hotel        5km    »map«
1015 Burrard Street, Vancouver, Tel: 604-687-0575 or 1-800-663-1818

(H) Comfort Inn Downtown Vancouver        5km    »map«
654 Nelson Street, Vancouver, Tel: 604-605-4333 or 1-888-605-5333

(H) Granville Island Hotel        5km    »map«
1253 Johnston Street, Vancouver, Tel: 604-683-7373 or 1-800-663-1840

(H) Sandman Signature Hotel & Resort Vancouver Airport        8km    »map«
10251 Saint Edwards Drive, Richmond, Tel: 604-278-9611

The Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of BC has tried to compile complete and accurate information for this list, but will not be responsible for any 
errors or omissions and assumes no responsibility regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information. This list of places to stay is provided for 
informational purposes only. Inclusion in or exclusion from the list does not imply any endorsement, approval or recommendation of, or comment on the 
quality or suitability of, any person or business by the Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of BC. Any concerns you have related to a particular business 
must be discussed and resolved with them directly. The Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of BC makes no promises, and assumes no responsibility, 
regarding the availability, quality or suitability of any listed business.


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