Global Health Electives

We support Canadian health professional trainees who choose to think globally about their health care work.
Every year, the Centre for International Child Health provides funding to several trainees (e.g., midwifery, occupational and physical therapy, medical residents) who pursue global health electives focused on children (neonates to adolescents) as part of their approved training program. Trainees can be students in any health care discipline: doctors, nurses, midwives, occupational therapists, and more.


In 2020, we awarded grants to 17 more talented trainees!
  • Alyssa Labrosse, UBC Midwifery - Uganda
  • Ashley Yip, UBC Internal Medicine Residency, Rwanda
  • Atasha Chretien, UBC Midwifery - Uganda
  • Briar Findlay, C&W Pediatric Residency - South Africa
  • Chris Badenhorst, C&W Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow - Uganda
  • Christina New, C&W Midwifery - Nepal & Uganda
  • Elizabeth Hankinson, C&W Pediatric Residency - South Africa
  • Emilie Nevill, UBC Occupational Therapy - Malawi
  • JeongMin Marie Kim, UBC Internal Medicine Residency -Rwanda
  • Jessica Herwynen, UBC Occupational Therapy - Malawi
  • Kazuko Hiroe, UBC Midwifery - Nepal
  • Mary Juliet Nampawu, C&W Clinical Fellow - Uganda
  • Meghan Radebe, UBC Midwifery - Uganda
  • Nicole Jedrzejko, C&W General Surgery Residency - Uganda
  • Padmavathy Venkatasubbu, C&W General Pediatric Critical Care Residency - India
  • Sarah Cochrane, UBC Midwifery - Uganda
  • Vanessa Hiroti, UBC Midwifery - Uganda 
Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all global health electives in 2020 have been cancelled. We're currently working with our trainees to determine how we can best support their global health training during these unusual times.

Past Winners

  • Kalyn Moore
  • Nushin Bollinger
  • Mary Kenwood
  • Stacey Waggoner
  • Claire O'Brien
  • Juliette Mudra
  • James Harris
  • Charlotte Grant
  • Julia Schneiderman
  • Angella Griffith
  • Hana Mojivic
  • Jennifer Sibley
  • Michelle Tran
  • Robynn Geier
  • Kenneth Lee
  • Jennifer Carlisle
  • Kiera Dheensaw
  • Mara Tietzen
  • Michelle Ng
  • Raidan Alyazidi
  • Kelsey Martin
  • Odion Kalaci
  • Marella Falat
  • Laura Kim
  • Ross Hengel

Trainee Stories

Learn more about how global health electives are strengthening education and partnerships around the world by exploring stories from past recipients:

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