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Orthopedic Cerebral Palsy

The Orthopedic Cerebral Palsy Clinic cares for children with cerebral palsy and similar neuromotor conditions.
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If your child is having surgery

Please call 604-875-2191 on the last business day before your child's surgery to receive the time of admission.

Please see the Hip Displacement Surgery section and the Lower Extremity Surgery section for information about the types of surgery performed, as well as how to prepare and follow-up.

About us

The multidisciplinary clinic team at BC Children’s Orthopaedic Cerebral Palsy (CP) Clinic strives to provide excellent care to children with cerebral palsy and similar neuromotor conditions.

With expertise in assessment, surgical management, and post operative care, the Orthopaedic Cerebral Palsy team is dedicated to providing individualized, family-centred treatment for each child.

The Orthopaedic CP team is responsible for the assessment and treatment of your child’s bones and muscles. We will look at how your child moves, assess his or her abilities, and work to prevent and treat deformities of the spine and limbs.

We collaborate with you, your child’s community therapy team, and colleagues at Sunny Hill Health Centre, so we can provide comprehensive, coordinated orthopaedic management to improve the quality of life for children with CP and similar neuromotor conditions.

Click for video about an innovative treatment by Dr. Mulpuri that helps Darrion walk with ease. Darrion has cerebral palsy and developed a painful symptom called courch gait.

Orthopaedic surgeons

Kishore Mulpuri
MBBS, MS (Ortho), MHSc (Epi)
Executive Assistant: Jennifer Farr
Office: 604 875 2054

Lise Leveille
Executive Assistant: Melissa Hart
Office: 604 875 2627

Christine M. Alvarez
Executive Assistant: Marilynn Timbrell
Office: 604 875 2178

Jeffrey Pike
Executive Assistant: Vera Menzies
Office: 604 632 0008


Stacey Miller, BSc (PT, Chem) MRSc
Coordinator, Child Health BC Hip Surveillance Program for Children with Cerebral Palsy
604 875 2345 ext 4099 or

Maria Juricic, BScPT, MRSc
604 875 2345 ext 7274

Megan Baxter, MScPT
604 875 2345 ext 7267

Daphne O’Young, BSc (OT)
Occupational Therapist
604-875-2345 ext 5443

Nurse clinician

Sarah Pescitelli, RN
Orthopaedic Nurse Clinician
604 875 2345 ext 4942

Orthopedic technologists

Fidel Brooks

Ricardo Botia


Orthopaedic surgeons

  • Accept new patients with the diagnosis of CP or CP-like conditions
  • Confirm diagnosis of CP through history taking, physical examination and conducting and reviewing specific investigations
  • Together with other members of the team, produce a comprehensive treatment plan which may include
    • Continued observation
    • Recommendations for bracing (orthotics)
    • Recommendations for interventions such as botulinum toxin injections, serial casting, or surgical intervention involving the bones and muscles
  • Surgery for bones and muscles
  • Post operative follow-up in conjunction with the OT, PT and RN in the clinic.
  • Participate in hip surveillance
  • Refer to the Shriners Gait Lab at Sunny Hill Health Care Centre where a detailed 3D testing of how a child walks will be done.
  • Refer to other specialists when necessary
  • Research


  • Orthopaedic assessments during clinic visits
  • Collaboration with Orthopaedic surgeons on treatment recommendations
  • Coordinate post-operative care, equipment, and therapy
  • In-patient care and mobility post surgery
  • Liaise with community team
  • Act as a resource to patients, families, and community therapists
  • Advocacy
  • Research

Occupational therapist

  • Orthopaedic upper extremity ROM assessment/review during clinic visits
  • Upper extremity functional assessment pre- and post- surgical or Botox intervention (completed in the OT department)
  • Creation of a home exercise program including stretches and strengthening exercises for the upper extremity
  • Upper and lower extremity splinting (signed doctor’s referral required)
  • Liaise with community team
  • Coordinate post-operative care, equipment, and therapy
  • Act as a resource to patients, families, and community therapists
  • Advocacy
  • Research

Nurse clinician

  • Utilize clinical nursing skills to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care
  • Collaborate with orthopedic surgeons & interdisciplinary team
  • Assist in the coordination of resources required for orthopedic patients pre-operatively, intra-operatively and post operatively
  • Provide education and information for families & health professionals as required in the outpatient and inpatient clinical areas
  • Liaison with various in-hospitals services, community resources such as the Ministry for Children & Family Development, and other hospitals
  • Assist families with accessing in-hospital and community resources
  • Provide support & advocacy
  • Research
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