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Gastroenterology Referral

Referring physicians:  Our division is supporting  individual online case consultation through eCASE. This can serve as an alternative to a standard, non-urgent referral as new non-urgent consults are not currently being accepted. Urgent and semi-urgent patients will continue to be seen. 

Referrals form

GI does not have a standard referral form. See Feeding & Swallowing Referral for the Complex Feeding and Nutrition referral form.

Referrals process

  1. All new patients require a referral.
  2. For general referrals (not Complex Feeding and Nutrition), write your own referral letter and fax it to us. Please include relevant investigations and growth curves.
  3. If you are stating that the referral is "urgent", please specify why.
  4. You can suggest if you prefer that the patient be seen via Videoconference (particularly for remote / outlying communities), or in Outreach clinic (presently in Prince George, Nanaimo, Victoria, and Kelowna). Not all requests can be honored.
  5. A division member will triage the referral and a cover letter will sent back to the referring office. Please take this as a receipt of referral and unless specified, no action is required. Our booking secretary will contact the families directly with the appointment, usually one month prior to the appointment.
  6. If there is a change in clinical status or new information, feel free to send an update and then we can review whether this will change the original triaging status.

Triaging guideline

We continue to receive a very high volume of referrals which exceeds our capacity to see patients.

The more details provided on the patient, the easier it is to appropriately triage. A part of our triage may include a request for further investigations such as blood work.

We do have a generally standard GI triage guideline. The suggested time is not a guarantee of how quickly the patient will be seen. 

Urgent or acute referrals

Any urgent matters can be discussed with the GI physician on-call who can be contacted through the switchboard: 1-888-300-3088 or 604 875 2345. Inpatient transfers should also be discussed directly.

Chronic abdominal pain

Chronic abdominal pain (unless there are warning signs) will be categorized as non-urgent. Patients with chronic constipation are also non-urgent (typically > 6 months).

RACE line

Through the RACE (Rapid Access to Consultative Expertise) program, you can get connected with a pediatric gastroenterologist who will respond to your call within 2 hours. This service is available Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm by calling 604 696 2131 (or toll free 1877 696 2131). You can discuss a case and receive advice over the phone. It is NOT meant for acute/urgent issues, appointment bookings, informing of an incoming referral or arranging transfer.

G tube referral

Referrals for G-tubes (gastrostomy tubes) should continue to go to General Surgery (G-tube referral form) or if appropriate Interventional Radiology. A referral to GI may be appropriate if there is a family or doctor requesting a review regarding the necessity of the G-tube. 

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