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We provide sedation and anesthesia for a wide range of surgical and diagnostic procedures.
What we do

The Department of Pediatric Anesthesia cares for children of all ages with many different medical conditions. Our team of anesthesiologists (medical doctors) provides sedation and anesthesia for a wide range of surgical and diagnostic procedures. We are also experts in pain management and critical care.

We provide this care in a variety of locations throughout the hospital and across the city, including the operating room, the Radiology Department, the Burn Unit, the Intensive Care Unit and the BC Cancer.

Our goal is to give your child a safe and comfortable anesthetic. All of our anesthesiologists have special training in anesthesia for children. They work together with anesthesia assistants and nurses to keep your child safe and comfortable during your child’s surgery or procedure.

Helpful Information

About anesthesia

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Anesthesia or deep sedation is a special state of sleep that prevents feeling (sensation) and memory during the surgery or procedure. The anesthetic is stopped when the procedure is done, allowing your child to wake up.

Anesthesia can be given in several ways. It can be given into an intravenous (IV) tube placed in a vein usually in your child’s hand. The IV is most often started in the operating room after the skin has been numbed with a special cream. The anesthesia medicine works very quickly. 
Anesthesia can also be given as a gas through a clear plastic mask. The gas does not hurt but has a different smell. The anaesthesiologist will decide which is the best type for your child.
After your child is asleep, the anaesthesiologist may also decide to inject local anesthetic near the area of your child’s surgery. This is done to help minimize pain when your child wakes up. These procedures will be discussed with you before your child goes into the operating room. 
For information about preparing your child for surgery or anesthesia please visit the Surgery page.  More information about Anesthesia can be found in the "Our Team" tab above, under Professional Resources.



Our team

Department Head

  • Dr. Norbert Froese

Department Members

  • Dr. Mark Ansermino
  • Dr. Katherine Bailey
  • Dr. Michael Barker
  • Dr. Nigel Barker
  • Dr. Natasha Broemling
  • Dr. Zoe Brown
  • Dr. Micah Burns
  • Dr. Myles Cassidy
  • Dr. James Chen
  • Dr. Chris Chin
  • Dr. Yvonne Csanyi-Fritz
  • Dr. Caitlin Gallagher
  • Dr. Heng Gan
  • Dr. Gillian Lauder
  • Dr. Stephan Malherbe
  • Dr. Andrew Morrison
  • Dr. Robert Purdy
  • Dr. Lindsay Rawling
  • Dr. Clayton Reichert
  • Dr. Eleanor Reimer
  • Dr. Randa Ridgway
  • Dr. Louis Scheepers
  • Dr. Michael Traynor
  • Dr. Simon Whyte

Clinical Fellows

  • Dr. Chris Badenhorst
  • Dr. Jorinde Polderman

Anesthesia Assistants

  • Peter Baxter
  • Mark Chalmers
  • Trevor Coelho
  • Bill Cooper
  • Jagvir Dosanjh
  • Catie Fissel
  • Julie Folka
  • Keith Marier
  • Theresa Tien
  • Preston Tucker
Administrative assistant
  • Yvonne Hardwicke

Professional resources

Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship

Click here for further information

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