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Distal Femoral Extension Osteotomy

Why is this surgery recommended?

  • Increase the ability of the knee to straighten (extend)
  • Improve walking pattern for children who walk with knees bent (crouch position).

What happens during the surgery?

Your child's surgeon will make a cut across the front of the thigh just above the knee. 

A wedge of bone is cut out of the thigh bone.

The leg is straightened and then a metal plate and screws are used to hold it in place.

This is often combined with a patellar plication.

Digram of leg bones showing wedge of bone cut out of the femur

Diagram of leg bones showing plate and screws on femur 

(Illustrations by Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare)

X-ray of thigh bone and knee joint with plate and screws on both femurs

X-ray of knee joint with plate and screws on femur  
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