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Multi-Organ Transplant Clinic

Our program is for children and youth living with an organ transplant. We provide pre-transplant assessment, transplant surgery, and post-transplant care and support.

Here's what to expect during your visit to the clinic.

Blood work

Arrive at the lab on the ground floor of the Ambulatory Care Building between 7:30 and 7:45 a.m. 

Identify yourself as a transplant patient to the receptionist and ask for your standing orders blood work to be drawn. You may also need to give a urine sample. 

If you did your blood work the morning of your clinic appointment, the transplant nurse will call you in the afternoon, after your clinic visit, if there are any changes to be made to your medication doses. 

Please confirm that you have received the nurse’s message by calling the nurse coordinator (604-875-3604). Please leave a message if you call outside open hours. 


Take your morning medications after your blood work has been drawn.


Proceed to the second floor of the Ambulatory Care Building (Area 10), to the Multi-Organ Transplant Clinic. 

Check in with the receptionist and wait for height, weight and temperature to be done.

Clinic visit

The transplant nurse will first complete an assessment. 

You will also see other members of the transplant team during a clinic visit (pharmacist, social worker, dietitian, psychologist, physiotherapist, research assistants, etc.). 

Lastly, you will be seen by the physician. There may be a fellow or medical student that will see you before the physician. 

Once the physician sees you, he or she will advise you of your next transplant clinic appointment and when to complete your next bloodwork.

After your visit

Book your next appointment with the receptionist on your way out.

Pick up medications (if needed). Proceed to the outpatient pharmacy located on the ground floor of the Ambulatory Care Building to pick up your medications. Please order your medications 1 to 2 weeks before coming to your transplant clinic appointment.

Our program

The Multi-Organ Transplant (MOT) program at BC Children’s Hospital was established in 2009 and is the only transplant program in Canada that provides integrated services to kidney, heart, lung and liver transplant recipients under one program. We endeavour to promote and improve the quality of life of children and youth living with an organ transplant through excellence in evidence-based clinical care, clinical and basic research, and education and advocacy.

The MOT program includes a comprehensive interdisciplinary team that strives to provide state-of-the-art care to patients living with a solid organ transplant. This includes: 

  • pre-transplant assessments
  • transplant surgery for kidney and heart transplant recipients
  • post-transplant follow-up care until age 19
  • transition to adult care
  • psychosocial supports.

We are committed to enhancing the health and well-being of these children and youth in the MOT program, as well as their families, by providing excellent family-centered clinical care. We seek to rehabilitate children and youth with organ failure after transplantation, including attention to their physical and mental health, and their quality of life.

The MOT program is a training hub for aspiring physicians, surgeons, nursing and allied health professionals seeking to gain special expertise in transplantation care, and these trainees further enhance the quality of care provided under the MOT program. Research is critical to continue improving health and wellness outcomes after organ transplantation, so patients and families are offered different opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research. That includes discovering new ways to preserve graft function, identify and treat rejection earlier and better, addressing barriers to medication adherence, and improving quality of life for children with an organ transplant. Finally, we continue to advocate for organ donation and services that will benefit children and youth with organ failure, in collaboration with community and national partners.

Our team


  • Dr. Tom Blydt-Hansen, Director, Kidney Transplant
  • Dr. Derek Human, Heart Transplant
  • Dr. Kathryn Armstrong, Heart Transplant
  • Dr. Orlee Guttman, Liver Transplant 
  • Dr. Richard Schreiber, Liver Transplant 
  • Dr. Mark Chilvers, Lung Transplant 
  • Dr. Soren Gantt, Transplant Infectious Disease 

Cardiac-thoracic surgeons (heart transplant)

  • Dr. Sanjiv Gandhi
  • Dr. Andrew Campbell

Urologists (kidney transplant)

  • Dr. Andrew MacNeily
  • Dr. Kourosh Afshar
  • Dr. John Masterson

Transplant nurse coordinators

  • Jessie Ahuja, RN
  • Sarah Fay, RN

Social worker

  • Karen Chin, MSW, RSW


  • Preeti Zimmer, RD, CNSC


  • Kathryn Haubrich, BSc Pharm, PharmD


  • Dr. Erin Moon, PhD, R Psych


  • Julie Fairbairn, PT

Child Life therapist

  • Rita Marchildon

Administrative & clerical staff

  • Lani Coloma
  • Melissa Enns
  • Harjeewan Sohi

Research associates

  • Anna Shvets
  • Ellie Wong
  • Tyki Sueyoshi

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