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We are committed to meaningful engagement with key partners to co-design the new centre and its services, and to keep our community informed.

Image caption: Tessa Diaczun (above) and Liz Stanford lead our clinical planning sessions with key clinical and operational partners on the projectRead all about Tessa and Liz in our recent Q&As.

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Our plant giveaway on December 18, 2023 was a grand success! Read all about it here.


If you would like to be involved in engagement activities, please email

Patient and Caregiver Advisory Group

An advisory group of former patients, families, and caregivers of children with health complexity has been working with the project team since January 2021 to co-design the services for the new centre. The group has also been advising on the design of the new facility to ensure that it is purpose-built for children with health complexity and their families. 

  • The group meets every second Tuesday of the month.
  • Members join for a term of one year, with the option to extend. 
  • Members are compensated for their time at the current PHSA patient partner rates.
  • If you’re interested in joining, please reach out to Lee at

Working groups and workshops

At various planning stages, patient/caregiver partners participate in clinical planning working groups and workshops alongside clinicians, operational leaders, community and cross-sector partners.

  • In 2023-2024, the clinical planning team held 17 working groups and workshops.
  • More workshops are planned for the 2024-2025 fiscal year, stay tuned for details.
Design reviews and mock-ups

Patient and caregiver partners have been involved in all phases of the building design to date, including:

  • indicative design developed for the business plan
  • schematic design developed for the development permit
  • mock-up of family suites

A new set of mock-ups will be built as part of the detailed design phase (2024-2025), in both virtual reality and 3-D form. 

Health-care providers and subject matter experts are integral partners in designing how the services at the new centre will be delivered. If you would like to be involved in this work, please email Liz or Tessa at


Key staff and leaders from BC Children's Hospital are working closely with the project team to provide input and oversight through several committees:

  • Clinical Services Planning Committee  
  • Design and Technical Committee
  • Executive Governance Committee.
Working groups and workshops

The clinical planning team held 17 working groups/workshops to further develop each of the service areas for the new clinical program. The working groups brought together:

  • clinical and operational staff from BC Children’s Hospital and PHSA
  • community care providers
  • patient/caregiver partners
  • staff from organizations that provide services to children and youth living with health complexity across BC and Yukon
  • representatives from regional health authorities
  • staff from relevant government ministries. 
More workshops are planned for the 2024-2025 fiscal year. Read about our "referral and intake" workshop.

Design reviews and mock-ups

Clinical and operational staff have been involved in all phases of the building design to date, including:

  • indicative design developed for the business plan
  • schematic design developed for the development permit
  • mock-up of family suites
  • statement of requirements for the Request for Proposals.
Upcoming reviews include:

  • detailed design (summer 2024 – spring 2025)
  • virtual reality and warehouse mock-ups (fall 2024 – spring 2025).
Presentations to teams / organizations

Our clinical planning staff are always happy to give presentations about the planned services for the new centre for health complexity. 

In 2023 alone, we spoke to 43 groups about this project, including teams across BC Children’s Hospital and PHSA, provincial non-profits and governmental organizations, national and international organizations. 

If you’d like us to present to your team or organization, please reach out to Liz or Tessa at

Info pop-ups at BC Children’s Hospital

The project team takes part in annual events at BC Children’s and BC Women’s hospitals such as Halloween, Sibling Support Day, and others. Keep an eye out for our booth and come say hello.
Working collaboratively with First Nations and Indigenous partners is critical to ensuring that the new services and facility are culturally safe and welcoming to Indigenous children, youth, and their families. The team's Lead, Indigenous Engagement, Partnerships and Cultural Safety is working with Indigenous partners ‎throughout the project. 

The BC Children’s and BC Women’s (C&W) Indigenous Health team is embedded in the project’s Clinical Services Planning Committee, Executive Governance Committee, workshops and working groups, and all other engagement opportunities.

For more information, please contact Teka at
Community Advisory Group

A Community Advisory Group of 24 members representing neighbours and local organizations has been providing the project team and architects with input into the exterior design of the new centre, including the landscape plan. 

The group will have the opportunity to participate in further development of the landscape plan during the detailed design phase (summer 2024 to spring 2025), as well as the selection of the public art piece on site.

If you would like to join the group, please email Veronika at

Pop-ups and events

A pop-up event will be organized when updated building designs become available.

Past events include:


Media enquiries

For media enquiries, visit the Media Requests page.

Share your thoughts

If you have thoughts you'd like to share about the redevelopment of the site, please email us at

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